Werkstatt Oslo was founded in 2017 by interior designer Sabine Rusch Bolstad. With experience and focus on interior design, concept development, planning and interior styling, Werkstatt Oslo executes projects for private customers as well as for the commercial market. 

Werkstatt Oslo has worked with customers like ANTI, A New Type of Imprint, Aleris, Wik & WalsøeROM123, Hviit and Aktiv Sagene

Sabine Rusch Bolstad has earlier worked with interior design for both residential and commercial projects involving custom furniture design and larger café and hotel designs. Her passion lies in good and well planned design solutions, tailored perfectly to each client and project. 

Werkstatt Oslo collaborates with the interior and lifestyle store Gathering Objects. We love mixing vintage and new. Our style represent the diversity from across the world, set in a Scandi tone. 

We travel the world and spend time and effort on finding the products that match our philosophy and our customers needs. We want to go our own way, avoiding main trends, and instead follow our intuition and gut feeling. Feel free to visit us in store or webshop

Werkstatt Oslo is always looking for new exciting projects, big and small. Please call or email, and we'll take it from there.

E-mail: sabine@werkstattoslo.com
Phone: 0047 481 25 406